Fitted Bedroom Furniture Design Tool - Minimalist Gloss Ivory

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Design Tool Basics (10 mins.) - Addon Units (3 mins.)
Hint: Use the left and right arrows below, to first select a category, then the unit you desire. Drag the unit into the viewport
(grey box) below
. You can use the arrow keys to more accurately position units; Hold Ctrl and use the arrow keys to move units
more quickly. To delete a unit, double click or press 'delete' on your keyboard.

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Please Note: Due to technical limitations, this design tool can only work to the nearest 5mm. Where rounding occurs, the tool will always round up, so you should never find yourself in the situation when the bedroom you design is too large for your space. On the contrary, it is likely that over the length of a single wall, there will be a gap of a few millimetres. This is why we recommend that where a run of units starts or ends against a wall, you purchase a 'Pelmet Robe Infill' panel; this will also help with uneven walls.