Frequently Asked Questions


General: Frequently asked questions:


Q. Do you prices include VAT?
A. Yes all our prices include VAT

Q. Are fitted wardrobes easy to install?
A. Yes they are. All of our units come flat-packed with simple self-assembly instructions. In fact you could just assemble and position them without having to cut anything. The only time you need to cut is for the occasional infill panels if fitting up to a wall, so not usually more than 3 cuts per installation....easy!

Q. Are all items supplied ready to assemble?
A. To save on storage space and cost most of our items are supplied flat-packed but if you prefer pre-assembled units, we can do this on some furniture items such as l
ow level chests. Simply call us to discuss which units can be pre-assembled and how much they cost. We do not pre-assemble the larger units such as robes due to space.  Please contact us if you are interested in this pre-assembly service.

Q. Do you do the measuring and fitting?
A. Generally we are a supply only company. We are happy to help you design, measure and fit with the support of the information available on the website or via email and over the phone. Typically this will save you in the region of £800-£1800 compared to having a full-service design, supply and fit.

Q. My walls are not square so how do you adjust your wardrobes to fit my walls?
A. This is done with an infill panel. Position your wardrobe about 50mm (2 inches) from the wall then use the infill panel to 'scribe' the robe to the wall.

Q. How long for delivery?
A. Genearlly deliveries will be in 2 weeks from when youo place the order but we do quote 2-3 just to cover us for contingencies such as damage in transit. Contact us directly if you need more specific information than this.

Q. Do I need a professional installer?
A. You DO NOT 'need' a professional installer but that’s not to say they won’t do a great job. All of our fitted bedrooms and interiors can be installed by a competent DIYer or a general handyman.

Q. Do you have a showroom?
A. Our concept is simple.....we don’t have expensive overheads such as showrooms and pushy sales designers so we can pass those savings on to you. We manufacture the best range of fitted wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture on the market and use the same or superior materials than other furniture manufacturers, in fact some of them will be our customers, so you can be sure our quality will meet your requirements, even before you see the product.

Q. Can I order my fitted bedroom funiture and wardrobes over the phone?
A. We are happy to talk you through the process on the phone but all orders go through the website for your data security - we don’t store any credit card data here. When paying through the website your details are verified directly with your card provider and no information is seen or stored by us, leaving no opportunity for a security breach.

Full Cabinet & 'Add on' cabinet: Frequently asked questions:


Q. Whats the difference between a 'Full Cabinet' and an 'Add on Cabinet'?
A. A 'full cabinet' is a completely freestanding piece of furniture with a top, bottom, back, front (the doors) and two sides. An 'add on cabinet' is exactly the same, except it is missing 'one side panel'. It does not need the side panel because it will be connected to another cabinet. Generally, in a run of wardrobes, you only need one 'full cabinet' and all the rest should be the lower cost 'add on' cabinets.

Q. What storage is included in your full cabinets and add on cabinets?
A. Each cabinet includes a shelf and a hanger bar. Purchase extra storage items from the 'Interiors' pages if you would like more hangerbars, shelves or some more interesting storage solutions.

Q. Can you use just full cabinets?
A. Yes but this will cost you more and you will notice a larger gap between your doors (because of the extra side panel).

Q. My walls are not square, so how do you adjust your wardrobes to fit my walls?
A. This is done with an infill panel. Position you wardrobe about 50mm (2 inches) from the wall then use the infill panel to 'scribe' the robe to the wall.

Front Frame & Front Frame 'add ons': Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the difference between a 'Cabinet' and a 'Front Frame' fitted wardrobe?
A. Front frame is a very clever way of getting the fitted bedroom of your dreams without breaking the bank! The doors are exactly the same but with the front frame system, you do not get the back, sides, top and bottom of the wardrobe. When you open your doors, you will see the floor, walls and ceiling of your bedroom but this is not a bad thing as you get lots of extra storage space.

Q. What are the advantages of the 'Front Frame' system versus full cabinet wardrobes?
A. There are 3 basic advatages:
1. Cost - You are not paying for a box. The walls, floor and ceiling of your house is the box, very similar to fitting floor to ceiling sliding wardrobe doors.
2. There is no need for an internal top to your wardrobe. Simply fit a panel vertically above your front frame wardrobe doors, up to the ceiling. You now have internal storage all the way up to you ceiling and not limited by having a top on your wardrobe.
3. Sometimes you cannot fit a full cabinet in to the space you have availabe maybe you have a slope in your ceiling or a chimney breat in the way, or some pipework. In these circumstances a front frame robe is the perfect solution. Don't forget you can mix full wardrobe cabinets with front frame doors when it suits you, for example across a chimney breast. From the outside you do not notice the difference.

Q. Whats stops the front frame system from falling over?
A. Front frames must have at least one internal shelf added to tie the doors and frame to the back wall. Tops, bases and hanger bars can be added but they are optional (the design tool will prompt you to purchase these). The front frame shelf pack comes with all the fixings you need.

Q. My ceiling is higher than your front frame doors. What do I need to do?
A. You have 2 choices. The first is to cut down a robe infill panel to fit between the top of your front frame doors and the ceiling. This will give you internal storage all the way up to the ceiling. The second option is to fit a front frame top. This is like having a top on a normal wardrobe (i.e. you will not have internal storage up to you ceiling). The design tool will prompt you to purchase a top panel.

Q. Can I fit a floor in my front frame wardrobe?
A. Yes, this is an option. Base panels come in 2 widths, 1200mm (Part number FSBC12) or 2400mm (FSBC24). Simply cut them to the required length.