New fitted bedroom furniture ranges coming soon!!!!!

Fitted Wardrobe World will be adding 3 new fitted bedroom furniture ranges to their collection. The Classic Light Oak, Minimalist Gloss Dark Walnut and Minimalist Textured Ivory ranges will offer a new, modern element to our already extensive offering.

Classic_Light_Oak_detail_1Classic Light Oak finish is a modern twist on oak fitted bedroom furniture with horizontal and vertical woodgrain directions creating a stunning feature on a run of wardrobes.


The doors are 18mm in a 3-piece light oak finish and come as standard with our Chrome ‘D’ handles with oak inserts that complement the doors beautifully. The range falls in to our price band B and offers a variety of wardrobe and unit sizes in both full carcass and front frame systems.


Minimalist Gloss Dark Walnut offers the ultimate rich but modern look. The deep wood tones and high gloss minimalist finish marry together to create wonderful run of wardrobes and units that will enhance any bedroom décor. The high gloss dark walnut reflects the latest furniture trends. Min_Gloss_drk_walnut_detail_1

This range is 18mm lacquered gloss and falls in to our price band C. It comes as standard with our Square Chrome Bar and ‘C’ knob handles but any can be selected if you prefer.

Min_Textured_matt_ivory_detailThe Minimalist Textured Ivory range is full of fine detail. The 19mm doors have a fabulous matt ivory textured pattern that stands out when light reflects on it. It’s soft, creamy tone combined with the subtle, elegant texture cries out to be touched – irresistible! This range falls into our price band C and offers a contemporary twist to any bedroom.  It comes as standard with our lovely Chrome Wave ‘D’ handles which work beautifully with the units textured finish.

Why not combine it with units from our Minimalist Gloss Ivory range for the ultimate sleek gloss and irresistible textured ivory combo? Mix and match a run of wardrobes using these two ranges to create an incredibly modern storage solution.


If you are interested in these new fitted bedroom furniture ranges, simply call or email us and we can send you, free of charge, samples. Call us today with your dimensions and we will put together a plan and cost so you can make a start on your new self-assembly project today!



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Pre-assembled DIY fitted bedroom furniture now available!

Minimalist Gloss White & Olive Wood_detailIf you want to save money and install a DIY fitted bedroom yourself but time is a little limited, we have a time-saving solution for you to consider; pre-assembled fitted bedroom furniture delivered direct to your door.

At Fitted Wardrobe World, we offer a flat-packed solution for all our units. This is so we can offer the best discounted prices on our fitted bedroom furniture.  However, we appreciate that sometimes a little bit of help can go a long way, so we now also offer a pre-assembled DIY fitted bedroom furniture option on some of our units.

Our fitted bedroom furniture pre-assembled option is available on our bridging units, tall units, low level chests and cupboards and high level chests and cupboards.  These items can all be purchased as pre-assembled items and will be delivered complete with your flat-packed wardrobes direct to your door.

So if you want a little bit of help with your installation project, contact us for prices for our pre-assembled fitted bedroom furniture.



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Mix and match fitted bedroom furniture

Want something different in your bedroom? Then mix and match our fitted bedroom furniture ranges to create the perfect fitted bedroom. Give your sanctuary character and individuality by mixing gloss and wood tones to great effect.

Minimalist Gloss White & Olive WoodAvailable in selected pieces of furniture, our mix and match furniture combines ivory or white gloss with beautiful olive wood or dark walnut in our Minimalist fitted bedroom furniture ranges. Robes, drawer chests and floor cupboards are available in a variety of sizes to mix and match.

Our Minimalist range epitomises minimalist living, combining the light-reflecting properties of white and ivory gloss with the unbroken lines of contemporary styling. A long run of sleek gloss fitted wardrobes is not only a stunning design feature but when you combine it with either olive wood or dark walnut carcasses, you can have the best of both worlds: contemporary and classic.


Choose from a variety of handles, including our Premium handle Chrome and Crystalized Swarovski Elements pull handle*, and give your robes and drawers further individuality. Our Dark Walnut Stainless Steel ‘D’ handles match Minimalist Dark Walnut beautifully and against Gloss Ivory/White door frontals they will really add to the overall mix and match effect.

*Premium handles are not included free of charge, they are available as an upgrade option.

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Soft close doors & interior storage


Soft close doors are an essential luxury in any kitchen or bedroom where wardrobe and interior storage is often fitted. If you have young children, you will appreciate how jarring it can be when they inadvertently slam doors/drawers close in addition to the worry that they may trap their fingers in them too!

At Fitted Wardrobe World, all our wardrobe doors come with soft close hinges as standard. Manufactured by German company, Hettich, our hinges have an opening angle of 110° giving your wardrobes extra ease of access. With a simple, light touch your soft close doors will glide close effortlessly.  As soon as the opening angle is less than 35° the combination of high quality materials and perfect soft closing action closes the doors without the need for bulky adaptors.

Available as an upgrade option, we can offer soft close on our interior storage as an optional extra. This unique pull out storage system is based on a frame that fixes to the inside of your wardrobes in to which you can clip various storage fittings to, such as wire baskets, trays, laundry baskets, and shoe racks. Simply enquire when making a purchase for our soft close storage option.

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Self assembly fitted bedroom furniture is the best choice

self assembly fitted bedroom furniture is the best choiceFitted Wardrobe World offers quality self assembly fitted bedroom furniture with a 10 year guarantee. It can be assembled as stand-alone or scribed in to fit wall-to-wall. Add-on units and front frame only systems giving the consumer cost-effective storage solutions. 

Our website offers buyers galleries of images displaying fitted bedroom furniture room shots for all of the ranges on offer.  We also have a useful design tool to help you create your perfect furniture layout, a secure payment portal so you can pay online with peace of mind and a delivery service direct to your home.

Fitted Wardrobe World gives the fitted bedroom furniture consumer choice when looking for a supplier.  Previously, the only choice was to employ an expensive company that would come in to your home and plan your bedroom layout, a company that has swanky high street showrooms with gleaming room displays calling to you to buy them and prices to suit the fact that they need to pay for that level of service.  Fitted Wardrobe World gives you the same quality product but importantly, we give you the control to browse the range and think about what you want without any pressure to buy. You can choose whether to do it yourself or employ a local fitter/carpenter to fit it for you.  There are so many good, local handymen, fitters, joiners and carpenters in your area who will charge you 1 or 2 days’ work (around £150 per day for most) to fit your perfect built-in bedroom.  So not only do you get a bedroom furniture bargain, you also create work for tradespeople in your local community – now that is definitely a win-win situation!

Fitted Wardrobe World offers self-assembly fitted bedroom furniture at a fraction of competitor prices and that is quite simply because we do not come in to your home and plan your bedroom layout and we do not have high street showrooms and sales staff all vying for your business.  Instead, we have developed a handy online design tool that allows you to ‘drag and drop’ furniture into the viewing portal and create your perfect bedroom furniture layout.  At the same time, the design tool prices your purchase, so you can see at every step how much each item will cost you.  It will prompt you when you may need a related item and make recommendations if needs be.  In addition to our handy ‘Designing your Bedroom’ and ‘Technical Specification’ web pages, our Customer Service Advisors are available to talk to you and make suggestions, so once you know what you like, give them a call or email your enquiry.

It is incredibly satisfying knowing that you designed and chose every element of your bedroom furniture layout, and on top of that, you will also save lots of money.  For purchases over £1000 we deliver direct to your home for free and if that isn’t good enough, we give you cornices, pelmets and handles free of charge with every purchase, not matter how big or small.  How can we afford to do this?  We are a web-based retailer who wants our customers to be happy so we would prefer to offer you quality furniture, with a great discount and fantastic added value than to charge more and put you under pressure to buy.  It’s quite simple, browse our site online from the comfort of your home and if you like what you see, then buy it, there’s no pressure!


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Chimney breasts in bedrooms – feature or hindrance?

Saponetta WalnutMany houses still have chimney breasts in their rooms, including bedrooms. If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom in which you can not only accommodate a large bed, an extensive run of wardrobes and still have room to make the chimney breast a feature, then they can add a touch of class and elegance to your room.

Imagine installing an open fire and lying in bed watching the embers flicker as you fall asleep.  Now let’s focus on the real world where for most of us there’s a chimney breast sticking out from a wall in our bedroom, a wall which we could really do with using to accommodate storage furniture such as wardrobes and drawer units.  So what’s the solution?  A wardrobe in each alcove and a chest of drawers in front of the chimney breast?  Well, yes, that’s one solution OR a front frame only wardrobe system running wall to wall and hiding the chimney breast!!!

So let’s look at both options with Fitted Wardrobe World:

Wardrobes in alcoves

With the variety of sizes of double wardrobes that we offer, you will find the perfect wardrobe for your size alcove. Choose from plain or mirrored doors, frosted glass or even aluminium framed, or even consider combination robes which are a mix of drawers and hanging space, there is plenty of choice!

Our robes can be fitted as stand-alone units by adding plinths and cornices or they can be scribed in to the wall making them fitted.  With the addition of a tall boy chest unit in front of the chimney breast and a complementary mirror above, you can create a vanity storage unit that is functional and stylish too.

Front frame wardrobes hiding the chimney breast

Front frame wardrobes are basically carcass-free robes i.e. a series of upright and horizontal supports with doors attached to them. As they do not have a carcass they can fit around any protrusion in your room including a chimney breast.

The front frame supports are screwed/fitted to the walls and doors hinged on to them. They can be combined with full cabinet robes if you want some areas with carcasses or you can use them on their own to create a full run of wardrobes. If you want internal storage, then you may need to include some internal upright panels to attach the storage brackets to and you can even cap the run off at the end with an end panel if they cannot run wall-to-wall.

If hiding a chimney breast, cut down internal shelves and fit them to the chimney to create shelving space that you can use to store your shoes or other items, that way, you make even better use of this clunky area.

So now you see that you can have that full run of wardrobes even if you have a chimney breast by combining front frame and full cabinet robes. Or why not fit wardrobes in to the alcove space and add a feature tall boy or low level chest with complementary mirror or feature shelving and use the wall space wisely and to great effect.

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Are all fitted wardrobes expensive? No, front frame only wardrobes are value for money.

Fitted bedroom furniture has held a high-price tag reputation for years, what with swanky showrooms and determined sales staff, fitted wardrobes have been perceived as an expensive luxury furniture option. Not if you buy a front frame only wardrobe….

Shaker Solid Oak front frameSo do high-quality value for money fitted wardrobes even exist? Yes they do. Fitted Wardrobe World offers a front frame only option which reduces the cost significantly. So what is front frame only? Normally, when buying fitted wardrobes you buy full carcass units. These come with doors, sides, back top and bottom panels so effectively, when you open the doors you do not see walls you see the carcass unit.  Front frame only comes with doors and a supporting frame only, no internal carcass. The support frame connects to your bedroom wall creating the same exterior look as full carcasses but when you open the doors you will see your bedroom walls, hence the name front frame only. You can still add the same interior storage solutions to a front frame option, so all your clothes, shoes and accessories can still be neatly hidden away, your just not paying for an internal carcass.

Front frames are simple to fit and they also are fantastic if you want to obscure a wall protrusion such as a chimney breast. In the past, fitted bedroom furniture would have been installed in to the alcoves and a shallow bridging unit over the front of the chimney breast. Now, you can hide the chimney by fitting a front frame run of units across the chimney breast creating that beautiful run of units.

See our ‘technical specifications’ page to read everything you need to know when choosing a front frame only option, there’s lots of information in our ‘designing your bedroom’ section too.

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DIY fitted bedroom furniture – is it doable?

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