Designing your Fitted Bedroom : The Decision Making Process

When designing your DIY assembly Fitted Bedroom, there are a number of points you should take into consideration:


A bedroom may be designed with wardrobes only, or the design could include other furniture such as bedside cabinets, drawers, tall boys, and dressing tables. Certain components are usually included in a standard bedroom layout:

Various optional items can be added, if required:

This guide includes information on standard wardrobes, low level furniture, accessories, and basic design.

Full Carcass or Front Frame?

Full Carcass

Full Carcase wardrobes includes door fronts and carcass backs, sides, top, middle shelf, base and hanging rail. Benefits and drawbacks include:

See detailed Full Carcass Fitted Wardrobe information.

Front Frame

See detailed Front Frame Fitted Wardrobe information.

Full Carcass AND Front Frame

The two can be combined when building around chimney breasts, for example.

Wardrobe Sizes and Specifications

Choosing Floor Level Units

Click here for detailed information about Chests and Cupboards.

Plinth, Cornice and Pelmet

Decorative Plinth (at floor level - for robes and low and high level furniture), Cornice (at ceiling level - for full height robes and bridging units) and Pelmet (under bridging units) can be ordered as an optional extra to cover the joins where units meet. The rewuired length for thse items is automatcially calculated for you by the online Design Tool. These items can also be ordered directly from our online Fitted Bedroom Furniture store.

Counter Tops

All of our chests and cupboards (except finished furniture packs), are supplied WITHOUT worktops by default. This is to allow you to place 2 or 3 next to each other, and then add one long top over ALL of the units, leaving you with no visible gaps (a truly fitted product).

Countertops are supplied with coordinating edging tape, so if you need to cut, they can be finished afterward. Supplied in a number of lengths depending on your requirements.

Our design tool will automatically calculate the amount of worktop you require (with as few joins as possible) when you add your bedroom design to the basket.

Full Carcass Wardrobes: Detailed

A full carcase wardrobe contains all the items required to create a 'freestanding' wardrobe: a top panel, shelf, base panel, back panel, and hanging rail. It is like a freestanding wardrobe that you would buy from a furniture shop. Handles are included 'free of charge', but must be ordered separately as you can have any handle you choose.

A Universal End Panels
B Top and Bottom Rails
C Back Panel
D Top, Bottom and Shelf Panels
E Back Rails
F Doors
G Hanging Rail

Full carcase wardrobes are more expensive than front frame wardrobes, because they contain more material.

Front Frame Wardrobes: Detailed

A front frame wardrobe only includes door supports (A,B,C) and doors (D). The rest of the components, including hanging rails and end panels, must be ordered separately. Usually, the wall and floor will be exposed inside the wardrobe. The front frame is attached to the centre shelf, and then to the wall and / or end panel.

A Uprights
B Top and Bottom Rails
C Floor and Top Filler
D Doors
E Base shelf and supports (optional)
F Wall shelf with L shaped support
G Shelf support panel
H Top shelf with support (optional)
I Top shelf support panel (optional)

Addon Wardrobes

When more than one robe is used in a run, add-on robes are recommended. Add-on robes are available for both full carcase and for front frame wardrobes.

If two full robes (full carcass or front-frame) are used side by side, then there would be two robe sides next to each other. The extra robe side / upright is unnecessary and wasteful, and will result in a large unsightly gap between the doors.
As an alternative to this waste situation, instead of full carcase robes or front frame robes, we can supply add-on robes, which only contain one internal robe side / upright. The external sides / uprights from the original robe is moved from the original robe to the end of the run.



Chest and Cupboard Units: Detailed

Floor cupboards and drawers are available with various combinations of doors and drawers, in three heights:

Low Level Unit

High Level Unit

Tallboy Unit

Alternatively, bedroom furniture packs are available, which combine units with countertops and panels to create complete units and dressing tables. Please note: Handles are free-of-charge, but must still be ordered separately, even when using furniture sets; the online design tool calculates the correct number of handles for you and adds them to your order.

Bridging Units

Briding units are generally used to bridge between robes, either above a bed or over a dressing table. The cupboard is hung from the wall using brackets.

Bedroom Design: Key Points

Fitted Bedroom Interiors and Accessories

A wide range of internals and accessories are available for bedrooms, including wirework, mirrors, stools, and lighting.

We can supply extra shelves and hanging rails to break up the space within a wardrobe and increase the storage options. If you need extra internal dividers, use Pelmet Robe Infill Panel or Internal Divider.

A soft close storage system, consisting of clip on storage accessories on a soft close frame, is available for use in full carcase robes.

Low energy lighting is available for use inside and outside furniture. Refer to the spec book and separate design buster for details.

Countertops are available in different finishes to suit the range. Refer to the spec book for more information.

Corner Situations


Stable Robe

Corner Robe

Diagonal Robe

A stable robe is used to turn the corner when low level furniture is required. The robe includes a 696mm low level corner post. The corner post can be cut down to 573mm if required. A corner robe is used to turn the corner in a continuous run of robes. A full height corner post is included. It is not possible to hang a door from a cornerpost, so the robe butting up to the corner post must be a full robe (not an add-on). A diagonal robe is another option for continuing a run of robes round a corner. Diagonal robes are available as full robes, which fill the corner and have a panel between the corner and the next unit, or as front frame, so the space behind the doors is continuous. The robes butting up to the corner must be full robes (not add-ons).